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Komodo National Park itinerary!

People often ask me where is the most beautiful place in Indonesia? My answer to that thus far is Labuan Bajo. If you’ve read my stories before, I’ve explained why I think Labuan Bajo, or Komodo National Park, to be exact, is even more beautiful than Raja Ampat but this is from my personal experience so take it with a grain of salt.

Paradise cafe, Labuan bajo

So Labuan Bajo was on the #TripOfWonders itinerary and I was ecstatic because I love Komodo National Park. I’m sure I’ll be going back and forth here because I’ve been here a few times now and I never get tired of visiting this gorgeous place. This place is amazing, above and under the sea, everything is breathtaking.


I’d like to share my recent experience to Komodo National Park with the #TripOfWonders squad with you. Where did we go? What did we explore? Here you go:

Gili laba 
1. Rinca Island
I think this island is pretty much the same as Komodo Island. The difference is that there are way more komodo dragons on this island which is pretty ironic haha. The island is a bit nicer than Komodo Island and this is where the komodo nesting ground is located. I prefer Rinca Island cos whenever I come here, it feels like I’m entering Jurassic Park, komodo dragons all over the place! Oh yeah, a bit of warning for the ladies on their time of the month, be careful, you have to always stick with the rangers cos the komodo dragon can smell blood from as far as 3km. There are many kinds of tracks you can take here: short, medium and long depending on your stamina. My advice is to take the medium track so you won’t be too exhausted to enjoy yourself and take in the exquisite view haha.

2. Komodo Island
Komodo Island is similar to Rinca, if you had to choose then I’d go to Rinca cos no joke, they’re like twins so I won’t be adding much to this section. I mean, unless you want to take a photo with the Komodo Island sign then by all means, go. Well, this island is very close to Pink Beach so there’s another reason to go here. Look, I’m not exactly telling you not go to Komodo Island but if you’re going to Rinca, well… I don’t see the point in checking Komodo Island out!

Melissa at the top of komodo island
3. Pink Beach
What makes Pink Beach pink? It’s because of the red corals crushed by the waves and they end up on a white sandy beach thus giving the pink effect you see today. Sadly, the couple of times I’ve been here, I saw plenty of rubbish on the beach, destroying the scenery and more importantly, the local ecosystem. So friends, please throw your rubbish away properly when you come here (you should be doing this everywhere though!) Right, moving on. Snorkeling here is incredible! Even though the water is extremely cold, the colourful fish and coral make up for it. I mean, you do have to go somewhat in the middle but it’s totally worth the effort. What’s important is that you don’t go alone to the middle just in case there’s a strong current but if you’re used to being alone then by all means. One of the perks of being single is you’re used to being alone, right? :P

SG squad


4. Kelor Island
Kelor Island has the third nicest view next to Padar and Gili Laba and it’s the closest island to Labuan Bajo. If you come here, you should try snorkeling on the left side of the island next to a massive rock, you’ll find some nice views there. And you need to climb to the top of the hill. It’s not an easy climb… kinda like climbing the corporate ladder haha it’s not easy, bro. But the sights you’ll find on top is to die for, so cool. Having said that, if you feel like you’re not up for it, then don’t push yourself because it’s quite a steep hill and as always, safety first!

Gay in frame
5. Padar Island
Padar Island is one of the farthest islands from Labuan Bajo Port so going here requires plenty of time and effort. Preferably you should be leaving for Padar Island in the morning but not too early because the sunrise will be right in front of you and you’ll get the mother of all backlights. When you reach Padar, you must go to the top because there you’ll encounter the loveliest of landscapes. It’s a bit of a trek, around 20-30 minutes of sandy goodness so please be careful when you climb up but yeah, the number of times I’ve been to Padar, I’ve never been discouraged because it’s simply awesome!

Komodo National Park is absolutely beautiful and can turn our skin beautiful too ie. sun-kissed hahaha so you definitely have to bring:
- Sunblock (spf50 is a minimum)
- Swimwear
- Tracking shoes
- Tracking pool  (optional)
- For the ladies: loose and flowy skirts for guaranteed awesome photo shoot in Padar
- For the guys: bandana to tie your hair so you can add an extra cool factor to your photos at the top of the mountain
- Indonesian flag: always nice to bring and represent

I think that's enough sharing for today, I hope this information helps you if you have plans to go to Komodo National Park, Indonesia. It's wonderful so don't stay at home, especially for those who have nothing better to do at home, it's better to go to Labuan Bajo lol.

Can you spot nemo?

Happy traveling, I hope we cross paths!



Translated by Achmad Sirman

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