Senin, 28 November 2016

My first cruise experience!

What crosses your mind when you hear the word “cruise”? Impossible cos it’s probably too damn expensive? That’s what I thought! However, it’s not entirely impossible, pricey yes but starting from US$400 for 4 nights on a cruise, I think that’s quite reasonable. Now, I’ve just come back from the Royal Caribbean Cruise that sailed from Singapore – Port Klang – Langkawi – Singapore and I’m sure all of you want to hear all about this cruise cos I’m super excited to tell you all about my first time being on a cruise!

Apa yang terlintas dipikiran gue pas denger "cruise" itu ya adalah sesuatu yang kayanya ga mungkin banget, soalnya mahal. Tapi ternyata enggak lho, mewah iya, tapi mulai dari $400 buat 4 malem di cruise itu masih reasonable banget. Nah kali ini gue baru aja pulang abis naek Royal Caribbean Cruise yang berlayar dari Singapore - Port Klang - Langkawi - Singapore, gue yakin lo semua pengen tau cerita tentang cruise ini, karena gue juga excited banget buat kasi tau pengalaman pertama gue naek Cruise ke lo semua.

So the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Sea is the name of the cruise that I was on, leaving from Singapore so I’m highly pleased with this cos now there’s something new for me to do when I’m in Singapore besides sightseeing and shopping. I don’t think there’s a need for me to go into detail on how you can get to our neighbouring country (for Indonesians), it’s pretty straightforward: get on a plane and arrive in Singapore! What I’d like to tell you is where I got on the actual cruise: the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore and my ship left at 5pm.

Jadi Royal Caribbean Mariner of the sea adalah nama cruise yang gue naekin kali ini, bertolak dari Singapore, gue seneng banget karena ada pilihan baru lagi kalo ke Singapore selain sightseeing the city dan belanja, gue rasa untuk ke negara tetangga kita ini ga perlu buat dikasi tau lagi ya caranya, soalnya emang gampang banget, tinggal naek pesawat sampe Singapore, yang gue akan kasi tau adalah bahwa gue naek cruise darimana, jadi gue naek cruise dari Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, dan kapal gue berangkat jam 5 sore. 

What can we find inside the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Sea? Loads! There are 14 floors. Can you just take a moment and imagine how massive it is? And what do you do for 5 days on a ship? Won’t you get bored? The answer is simply you will never get bored. Why? Because there are some dreamworks characters welcome you on board and about a zillion things you can do on this cruise. Here are some of them:

Ada apa aja sih di dalem Royal Caribbean Mariner of the sea? Banyak banget, 14 lantai gitu, can you imagine how big it is. Terus ngapain 5 hari di kapal, emang ga bosen? Jawabannya adalah gampang banget, gak sama sekali. Kenapa? Karena ada dreamworks team banyak yang bisa dilakuin di cruise, antara lain:

1. Dine / Makan
There are a few all-you-can-eat restaurants (you can eat whatever, however much you want with no limitations) and there are some that’ll incur additional charges but not once did I find myself starving. The cuisines were all pleasantly surprising so don’t worry, in some locations you can even dine while enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean.

Ada beberapa restaurant yang all you can eat (lo bisa makan apapun sepuasnya, tanpa batas) dan ada juga yang harus kena biaya tambahan buat makanan disini, dan ga pernah sekali pun kayanya gue kelaparan, makanan selalu surprising, jadi jangan sedih, di beberapa tempat lo bahkan bisa makan sambil nikmatin pemandangan laut yang indah.

2. Sports / Olahraga
Don’t worry about eating loads because there are fully equipped gym facilities including steam and sauna on the ship. Not only that, you can also do plenty of sporty activities to burn all that fat you’ve consumed. You can go rock-climbing, play basketball (yes, they have a basketball court), swim, you can even play golf.

Jangan bingung kalo lo makan banyak banget, karena ada tempat gym yang lengkap sama steam dan sauna di dalem kapal, jangankan gym bahkan lo bisa ngelakuin kegiatan sporty lainnya buat bakar lemak yang udah lo makan, bisa rock climbing, basket (iya ada lapangannya), berenang, bahkan main golf.


3. Jacuzzi
I think if you’re on a cruise, it doesn’t feel right if you don’t go into a jacuzzi. You don’t wanna be on a cruise and not get in a hot tub! Relax, even with so many people, there’s no way you won’t find space because there are 7 jacuzzi pools. It feels so good to be in a jacuzzi on a ship while watching a film on a big screen, it’s so awesome I tell ya!

Rasanya kalo naek cruise ga jacuzzi-an tuh ga lengkap ya, masa naek cruise tapi ga jacuzzi-an, tenang walaupun rame orang, ga mungkin lo ga kebagian, karena ada 7 kolam yang tersedia buat jacuzzi, enak banget jacuzzi-an apalagi sambil ntn layar gede banget di atas kapal nonton film, keren deh pokoknya.

4. Shows
There’s the Savoy Theatre that’s quite accommodating for the guests to watch musicals and all are performed by professionals, so cool, makes me want to work like them, I’d be singing whilst traveling on a cruise lol.

Ada yang namanya Savoy theater yang bisa muat banyak orang buat nonton sebuah pertunjukan musical, dan semua pemainnya profesional, keren banget deh, jadi pengen kerja kaya mereka, nyanyi dan jalan-jalan naek cruise, lol.

5. Ice-skating
It’s been ages since I’ve ice-skated and what do you know, they have an ice-skating rink inside the cruise. They even have brilliant ice shows that will make your jaw drop. It’s super cool.

Udah lama banget ga maen ice skating, eh taunya di dalem cruise ada area ice skating bahkan ada pertunjukan yang keren banget, ngeliatnya ampe mangap deh, keren abis.

There are plenty of things you can do on the Royal Caribbean Cruise, right? There’s no way you’d get bored. From dining, sports and shows, they have everything. Oh, there’s also a casino! And you can surely do your duty-free shopping here. Oh man, it’s completely worth it for 5 days and 4 nights of unlimited eating and fun activities so next time you’re in Singapore and you don’t know what to do, try going on a cruise! Afterwards, share your cruise experience with me, all right? You can mention me on twitter or instagram @_febrian and you can check the complete information for your cruise here.

Jadi banyak banget yang bisa dilakuin di dalem Royal Caribbean cruise ini kan, ga mungkin bosen sama sekali, dari mulai makan, olahraga, dan nonton ada semua, eh ada casino juga lho dan pastinya bisa belanja duty free disini, yailah ini sih worth it banget dengan 5 hari 4 malem bisa makan sepuasnya dan ga bosen sama sekali, jadi next time kalo ke Singapore dan bingung mau kemana, cobain cruise deh, terus ceritain pengalaman cruise lo ya, bisa mention di twitter atau instagram gue @_febrian, info lengkap tentang cruise bisa dicek here ya.

Happy traveling, I hope we cross paths!
Selamat jalan-jalan, semoga kita berpapasan!


Translated by Achmad Sirman

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