Jumat, 11 November 2016

Exploring the other side of Bali!

For the umpteenth time I find myself returning to Bali but this time I wanted to go to places that weren’t too touristy. I wanted to see places that weren’t crowded and more on the quiet side, which would certainly be better for chilling and taking photos/videos seeing as there won’t be many people around.

So finally, I decided with a few mates of mine to explore some places that weren’t part of Southern Bali (usually we’d be around Kuta – Ubud). This time I went towards Kintamani, Singaraja and their surroundings. Even though I did stay in Kuta... but it was mainly because it’s close to the airport, I swear! I stayed at Vasanti Hotel Kuta, Bali. The hotel was highly pleasant and they have a swimming pool on the rooftop! This hotel is newly opened so they still have special rates, the breakfast was scrumptious and the location, super important, is only 5 minutes from the airport. The only unfortunate thing was that when I stayed here they didn’t have airport shuttles yet so annoyingly I had to pay for the infamous and inhumanely rated Bali airport taxi. The hotel was painfully close but I had to pay a fare that would have taken me from Menteng to Cilandak Town Square, crazy, right? I hope they’ll have airport shuttles next time so it’ll make more sense for the hotel guests.


Anyway, I’d like to share my most recent experience in Bali with you all. The places I went to included:

1. Tukad Cepung Waterfall
This waterfall is unlike most waterfalls. It’s located inside a cave so ideally if you come here, it’s nicer during the day so you get plenty of sunlight coming through the cave. Sadly, I got there pretty late in the afternoon because we only left South of Bali around 3pm so we probably reached the cave around 5pm so consequently it was rather dark. Well, it was still very natural and there weren’t many people here so it was lovely. From the parking spot, you need to climb down some stairs and trek a bit, around 10-15 minutes to reach the waterfall. If you wanna check the location on Google Maps, you can do that here. I would say that this waterfall is magical, still in a virgin state, it only cost us 10k Rupiah per person to go in so you definitely have to check it out!

2. Pinggan Village, Kintamani
The perfect time to come here is in the morning where the village would still be covered in fog so if you want to visit Pinggan, it’s better if you leave around 3-4am so you can still see the fog. Although the view is still absolutely gorgeous without the fog but with the fog, it looks so much cooler, right haha! Now, if you do plan to come here, one thing to note is you need to rent a motorcycle or car. You could also continue to Singaraja and chase waterfalls there. It’s super fun, I assure you. And a one-day trip here is enough. Please see for yourself, the beauty that is Pinggan Village.

Bali is never boring. There’s always a new story to tell after each trip to Bali because in reality, there are so many places to explore here. Even with this trip, once or twice in a journey, I’d stop just to take pictures at a cool gate or a waterfall that I don’t know the name of haha! So personally, I never get tired of coming to Bali. What about you?


Happy traveling, I hope we cross paths!



Translated by Achmad Sirman

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