Rabu, 09 November 2016

The Best Sate Padang I've ever had!

Hi folks! This time around, I want to share my experiences in Pekanbaru with you. I wonder, what do they have in Pekanbaru? I asked myself that question when I traveled with #JurnalIndonesiaKaya to shoot an episode there. Turns out we can go to the Siak Palace, see the Zapin dance or go shopping for Siak songket/woven cloth.
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But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today, I want to let you all know that while I was in Pekanbaru , I found a Sate Padang that’s even more delicious than the Sate Padang Mak Sukur in Padangpanjang or AjoRamon in Jakarta, how is this possible!?

So once I arrived in Pekanbaru and checked into my social media, almost immediately there was a comment from renowned capital make-up artist, mother of super adorable Mia, Sharra. “Message me if you want to eat tasty food!” and without hesitation, I messaged her on whatsapp. In fact, I even gave her a call hahaha! She gave me a list (a rather long one, now that I think about it) of places I have to check out in Pekanbaru. Obviously, I couldn’t try out all of them but that first night I decided to try Sate Padang “Bundo Kanduang”.

Oh my God. This was so good that it made my jaw drop. The sate tasted incredible, perfect blend of sweet and savoury with a hint of spicy, hands down it beats original Sate Padang. The meat is thin and soft, seriously, this is the best Sate Padang I’ve ever had, thanks to Sharra!

And I wasn’t the only one sharing that sentiment. Everyone who dined with me said it was amazing, so you should definitely try it yourself when you go to Pekanbaru, don’t miss out on Bundo Kanduang, and they also have Sate Padang with peanut sauce, quite good too, even though the place was not fancy, the taste deserves two thumbs up. You can find it here.

Happy tasting!



Translated by Achmad Sirman

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